Improve Intimacy in Remote Social Interaction

    • Introducing Holographic Touch

    Create Sense of Touch Over the air

    • Bringing Closeness in Remote Social Interaction

    Touch Daily People Lives

    • Introducing Seamless Sense of Touch
  • Remote Social Interaction

    Improve Intimacy
  • Virtual Reality

    Immersive Experiance
  • Car Infotainment Systems

    Gesture Recognition with touch feedback
  • Location Based Entertainment

    enhance user experience in theme parks


Main Features

Proprietary Algorithm

We have proprietary algorithm with custom-designed high-frequency efficient ultrasound hardware.


LAMSAPTIC creates accurate and fine-grained sense of touch


LAMSAPTIC has solutions for both small form factor and large-scale applications.

Cost Effective

We have cost effective solutions for many applications


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    Our technology, creates high resolution air pressure fields that can be sensed by human touch sensors to enable users interact and sense virtual objects. Unlike other contact-based haptic solutions (e.g. gloves, vests, etc.), our device creates touch feeling via air medium.
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    We are focusing on remote social interaction. We are developing a platform for over-the-air touch instant messaging. Users can send haptic messages (shapes, textures, touch emojis) using this platform.